Data Science With Python Certification Training Course

Python is a multi-paradigm or versatile programming language that can be considered as a sort of swiss knife for the coding world. This is because it supports structured programming, Object Oriented Programming, and even functional programming patterns. The versatility of Python undoubtedly makes it the best-suited programming language for the data scientists. Here are some of the other advantages of python for data science, which will help you understand why you should learn data science with Python:

Python is a powerful open source programming language, which means that it’s free to use while having all the properties that a programming language should have. It is a versatile programming language that supports Object-Oriented Programming, Structured Programming, and functional programming patterns. Python has some 72,000 libraries in the Python Package Index that aid in scientific calculations and machine learning applications.


Owners benefit as well. When one- third of their project executives are PMP- certified, association wide-ranging more of their projects on time, on budget and meeting innovative goals. PMP training Online course is specifically premeditated to assists you and act according to the Eighteen Model such as:

  • MODULE 1:Data Science Introduction & Use Cases
  • MODULE 2:Python Basic: Basic Syntax, Data Structure
  • MODULE 3:Pyhton Basic: Loops, If elif Statements,Functions,Exception Handling
  • MODULE 4:Statistics 1: Measures of central tendency, Population, Sample, Probability Distribution
  • MODULE 5:Statistics 1: Normal and Binomail Distribution, Random Variable, Pictorial Representation
  • MODULE 6:Python Advanced: Numphy, Pandas
  • MODULE 7:Python Advanced: Data Manipulation, Matplotlib
  • MODULE 8:Exploratory Data Analysis:Data Cleaning, Data Wrangling
  • MODULE 9:Exploratory Data Analysis:Data Visualisation
  • MODULE 10:Exploratory Data Analysis:Case Study


  • Augments your Knowledge, Talent and Skills
  • Acquaints You with Established Practices in Project Management
  • Reveals Commitment and Zeal Towards Project Management Career
  • Provides you with Promotion and Higher Earnings
  • Promotes Your Career Graph Upwards
  • Certified Professionals are Cup of Tea for Employers in the Industry as Compared to Uncertified Ones
  • Escalate Your Pay Package by 20% to Uncertified Project Managers
  • Confirm your Expertise and Excellence in the Area of Project Management
  • Projects You as a Successful Professional in the Field of Project Management