About Certified Ethical Hacker Certification & Training

Our CEH training programs are designed to help you right from the basics of penetration testing all the way through to earning your CEH certification. Delivered by highly experienced instructors (all of whom are Certified EC-Council Instructors, or CEIs), these courses adopt a hands-on demonstration approach to accommodate both beginners and experienced penetration testers. The courseware is structured along the 5 phases/ knowledge areas of Ethical Hacking – Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access, Covering Tracks. Throughout the course, you’ll essentially use the same techniques that the “bad guys” use, including social engineering practices and even evaluating physical security to gain access.

Prerequisites For Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Course?

1. Applicant enrol for this course have a Bachelor’s degree or its global equivalent (4-year degree, or 3-year degree).
2. The students have basic knowledge of Computer.

Let’s Know The Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Course Objectives/ Goals?

1. You’ll understand how network defenses work, the techniques that hackers use to scan for and circumvent these defenses, and some steps that you can take to secure a system.
2. Understand penetration testing and network security through the eyes of a hacker. Pass the CEH v9 (312-50) certification examination.