Project Management Office

A PMO (Project Management Office) is a type of function which carries out strategies that ensure the development of successful projects.

If you are looking for a PMO Consultant, EduRoofscan help you with the creation of improved PMO procedures and practices, ¬ tailored to your organisation, for you to choose the right option. Our experienced PMO Consultants can offer you On-site PMO Set-up and PMO Assessment Services (PMO Health Checks), as well as PMO free templates and an Assessment Tool.

Our PMO consultants can help you whether you are setting up a PMO for the first time, or if you need help with your current PMO and offer you a simple, but integrated PMO solution.

Here is a list of the services we offer:

  • PMO Health Check
  • On-site PMO Set-up
  • PMO Toolkit
  • Assessment Tools

EduRoofscan give you benefits like:

  • An enterprise focus on improvement in project management competency
  • Enhanced project management skills and knowledge through training or mentoring
  • Consistency and uniformity in project delivery
  • Reduction in project overruns and increase in delivery speed
  • Increased customer satisfaction through achievement of outcomes
  • A centralised point of reference for the project management practice
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Project Management Framework

  • Do the Projects in your organisationmeet the time deadlines?
  • Do they meet the budget constraint?
  • Are they able to deliver the benefits they were commissioned for in the first place?
  • Do your organization invest on the right projects?
  • Does the personnel executing your projects have the requisite knowledge, skills, and competency to drive such big initiatives?
  • Do some of your people have split responsibilities towards operations and projects? If so, do you find they typically keep on top of their operational duties but struggle more with their project deliveries?

Are many of the answers to the above questions are “No”. How can we help?

Two Critical Success Factors: Project Management Framework and Project Management Competencies

We can help you deliver projects on time, on budget, to the agreed quality standards every time.

We help you in setting up a framework that integrates seamlessly with the organization’s other management and business processes.

We have helped organisations with the help of management frameworks to provide early warnings when some team members struggle, which allows management to provide help in time, which in turn improves probability of project success. Similarly, we have seen average performers rise to become outstanding ones, thanks to the extra support the framework provides.

In a Project Management Framework, the path to project success is clearly outlined and straying from it is not an option.

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